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Legendary Swiss craftsmanship


For more than 60 years we have been following a simple idea: form and function in perfect harmony.



The magic moment of MONDAINE stop2go. Why does the second hand stop for two seconds after every minute?

A unique feature of the Swiss Federal Railways (SBB) clock that has ensured the scheduled and absolutely precise departure of Swiss trains on the hour for the last 70 years. An ingenious design by a Swiss engineer employed by SBB that ensured that train punctuality became a visible concept all over the world.

A watch that ticks 58 seconds per minute continues to inspire enthusiasm and fascination. Swiss watch manufacturer MONDAINE has incorporated this unique movement into the MONDAINE - SBB/Official Swiss Railway Station Clock.

Stop2go technology

As with the original watch, the intriguing "stop2go" version features the famous red second hand, which completes the full circle in 58 seconds and then waits at the 12 o'clock mark for the black minute hand to advance to jump one mark and to start the next rotation. Two seconds that can sometimes change our lives?

MONDAINE commissioned the designer Martin Drechsel to create a design for the new watch. As a nod to its industrial background, it frames the stainless steel case with two matte-brushed stainless steel rings that flow into the lugs for the bracelet. The crown has been designed as a functional switch to easily set the time of the new and unique movement, specially designed by MONDAINE to ensure excellent visibility of the 12 o'clock stop seconds and the iconic dial. The glass is a scratch-resistant anti-reflective sapphire glass.

A true statement for the wrist with a diameter of 41 mm and an impressive case design. The soft black natural leather strap completes this Swiss made watch.

A traditional quartz watch uses a motor that drives the hour, minute, and second hands. The movement of the MONDAINE SBB stop2go uses 2 motors: one to ensure the rotation of the second hand, while the second drives the hour hand and causes the minute hand to jump. An important trademark of the Swiss station clock is the smooth running of the red second hand. A trick was needed to transfer this to a quartz watch. Instead of advancing one step every second, the seconds hand makes 4 small steps per second. This gives the impression of continuous gliding, as can be observed on any original Swiss watch.


stop2go watch collection

The stop2go collection effortlessly blends style, functionality, and a touch of boldness. The watches feature the worldwide exclusive and unique stop2go movement. The glass on the dial is made from scratch resistant sapphire crystal with anti-reflective coating. While the white dial watches are equipped with BackLight technology, the black dial watches showcase Super-LumiNova® on top of the hands, both ensuring that time can be effortlessly read, regardless of the ambient light. All stop2go models come in a set with a ‘time setting pen’ to easily adjust time and align hands without the need of a crown. The collection has a practical interchangeable strap system making it very versatile and allowing you to create multiple unique looks without having to invest in several watches.


stop2go Wifi wall clock

The MONDAINE stop2go WiFi wall clock offers an easier user experience thanks to a one-time setup via WiFi. It has the functionality of the original Swiss railway station clock - its iconic red second hand momentarily stops for 2 seconds when it reaches 12 o'clock, allowing the minute hand to gracefully jump to the next minute. The watch also has a creeping second hand.



The product

MONDAINE's BackLight technology ensures the hands are easy to see in the dark without disturbing the visual impact on the design.


MONDAINE uses a thin film coated with a Swiss made extra strong Super-LumiNova® material commonly used in the watchmaking industry to ensure long term visibility in the dark.


Legendary like the Official Swiss Railway Station Clock with its characteristic hands and the very clearly visible distinctive hour and minute markings, creating an unmistakably expressive image that is regarded worldwide as a timeless Swiss classic, MONDAINE looks forward to adding a new dimension to the shaping design codes to rent.

Because the time on the distinctive dial could not be read in the dark, MONDAINE began looking for a solution. As one would expect from MONDAINE, the solution found was brilliant in its simplicity: namely to apply luminescent paint to the back of the watch hands.

The white dial reflects light during the day and charges the luminescent foil attached to the back of the hands. At night, the luminescent film releases light again (the duration depends on how well the luminescent paint charges in daylight). This light is then reflected off the dial, creating a shadow around the hands, revealing the time.

The result is a continuous charge: the light that the coated luminescent (Super-LumiNova®) back of the hands releases in the dark is reflected on the white dial, is reflected from the dial onto the luminescent foil on the back of the hands, so that the luminescent material is constantly charged is activated and a kind of permanent light is generated.





With the launch of essence, the latest design marvel that emerged from nature, watch manufacturer MONDAINE has once again proven its position as a pioneer.

Made from sustainable materials, MONDAINE's essence collection marks the beginning of a new era for the brand, environmentally conscious and stylish at the same time.

The watch is made from eco-friendly raw materials including renewable materials such as castor oil for the case, natural rubber for the strap and recycled PET bottles for the multifunctional case, making this creation not only clean and simple in design, but also respectful of our environment.

With these new watches, MONDAINE follows the zeitgeist and not only targets design enthusiasts but also everyone for whom environmental protection is essential. Whether it's through diet or buying habits, from now on watchmaker MONDAINE is addressing this group directly and joining in their quest to positively impact global change, demonstrating their support with an innovative timepiece like essence.

The essence series makes a commendable statement; that even a stylish and technically sophisticated product like a MONDAINE watch can be made from well thought-out innovative materials and offered at a price accessible to all.

Essence maintains key elements of MONDAINE's brand DNA, combining classic Swiss craftsmanship with advanced production and entrepreneurial spirit to create a future-proof, eco-conscious collection.

Retaining the legendary execution of the Swiss railway station clock (SBB) in wristwatch format, essence is immediately identifiable as a MONDAINE thanks to its concise, easy-to-read dial, distinctive hands and famous red second hand, and boasts a design of worldwide renown.

The eco-packaging made from recycled PET bottles, a carefully manufactured soft gray bag that can also be used as a cell phone case, for example, is the perfect partner for essence's environmentally conscious craftsmanship.

Available in two color combinations - classic with a white dial and black markers, and with a black dial and white minute and hour markers - the essence collection reflects MONDAINE's modern and natural attitude, which is to combine form, practicality and innovation Time to create for now, for tomorrow and forever. essence by MONDAINE, nature's new classic.



Made from grapes - not only for wine lovers

MONDAINE stands for innovation, Swissness and uncompromising sustainability. The entire Mondaine group is one of the few global watch brands to be 100% carbon neutral. In cooperation with a top Italian manufacturer, Mondaine Watch Ltd. all watch straps in the Classic collection, which were previously made of leather, are now made from a new vegan grape leather. The high-quality grape leather represents a valuable upcycling without price increase and can be considered as one of the vegetable alternatives to real leather of the future.

Vegan grape leather - chic, high quality and useful

An innovative Italian manufacturer has succeeded in creating an alternative to animal leather from the organic waste from wine production. Anything that cannot be used at the end of the winemaking process - namely the grape pomace, consisting of stems, pips and skins - is used to make grape leather. Real upcycling.

Constituents of grape composite material

  • 27% vegan grape leather
  • 50% recycled polyester
  • 23% water-based polyurethane (more sustainable than traditional polyurethane as no chemical solvents are used in manufacturing)